What is Man's Ready about?

About Our Philosophy on life!

The aim of this empowering brand name is to prick, the consciousness of our youth that are transitioning into young men and our men in the community that are aspiring to transition into our leaders, our elders and our wisdom keepers.

Mans Ready is a mantra, a reminder of the sacredness of your self empowerment whenever you show up as your true self in a conscious way on a daily basis. 

When you are in alignment with your true self, you will be able to make better decision for you and those close to you on a moment by moment basis.

Showing up for yourself means that even when you are faced with failure, you never give up and you continue to trust in what you know to be true and you use those lessons to help you navigate the path to success.

About Our Drink!

The aim of the flavour profile is to taste amazing while adding in a variation of nutritional and nootropics ingredients to help with focus and for the improvement of cognitive functionality. Man's Ready is caffeine free, and even friendly for young teens. 

As we move through this journey as a beverage brand we will be creating incredible products as a tool & a reminder to yourself of just how great your really are while getting ready for your day. 

Much Love 

Mans Ready